Event Series Sogetsu Ikebana Classes

Sogetsu Ikebana Classes

Instructor Yasmin Spiegel is a “Sensei“ (teacher) in the Sogetsu School of Ikebana, Japanese flower arranging. Ages 8+w/adult supervision. Meeting location Gold Hill/Placerville area. Cost: Individual classes $35/members, $45/non-members. A detailed email will be sent once you register online. https://app.donorview.com/VjqYz March 26: Variation Slanting Style for Nageire Arrangements April 16: Disassembling and Re-assembling Materials May 21: Arrangements in “Tsubo” Vases

Event Series O’Connell Street Band

O’Connell Street Band

Live Irish/Celtic Music Friday, March 17 - St. Patrick's day 4-7pm at McDermott's Boston Bar - Enjoy these Traditional Irish music sessions. Later on Friday - 8-11pm at The Green Room. Advance tickets recommended through the Green Room website. https://clubgreenroom.com/ Saturday, March 18 - Bumgarner Winery Tasting Room in Camino noon to 3pm. Sunday, March