The Whirling Dervish of Coloma

Olde Coloma Theatre 380 Monument Rd, Coloma

Olde Coloma Theatre * Varied "The story of a greedy fire-bug, who arrives in Coloma to menace a troupe of female performers! Threatening to burn their stage & saloon to the ground, unless they give him all of their riches, can this Villain be stopped? But wait! Just in the nick of time... hot on

Event Series Senior Socials

Senior Socials

Cameron Park Community Center 2502 Country Club Dr, Cameron Park

Looking to socialize or meet new people in the community? Our Senior Social meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Cameron Park Community Center from 10am-1pm. Come play games, chat, enjoy a cup of coffee! Did we mention this program is free? We hope to see you there!

Game Day

Placerville Family History Center 3275 Cedar Ravine, Placerville

1:p-2:p * Family Research Center All ages are invited to our Game Day! We’ll have scavenger hunts (computer style), Guess this Relative, even Wheel of Family Fortune, and lots more! Come play or learn what your kids or grandkids can do at home with fun genealogy!