The Whirling Dervish of Coloma

Olde Coloma Theatre 380 Monument Rd, Coloma

Olde Coloma Theatre * Varied "The story of a greedy fire-bug, who arrives in Coloma to menace a troupe of female performers! Threatening to burn their stage & saloon to the ground, unless they give him all of their riches, can this Villain be stopped? But wait! Just in the nick of time... hot on

Granite Chief Backpacking Trip

Join ARC board member Scott Vail for this 25-mile hike from Headwaters Camp counterclockwise through the major trails of the Granite Chief Wilderness. The Wilderness is sparsely traveled, has great views, and seldom-seen areas. On Sunday we will do minor brushing on the last 2-3 miles of the trail back to the camp in recognition

Event Series Farmers Market

Farmers Market

El Dorado Hills Town Center CA

9a- 1p * El Dorado Hills Town Center Enjoy the year-round Farmers Market. Immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere with fresh produce, homemade treasures, and local crafts. Held behind Nibblers and Trek Bicycle, this cherished tradition celebrates the region's agricultural bounty. For more details, visit

Native American Flute

Wakamatsu Farm 941 Cold Springs Rd, CA

Native American Flute * 10a - 11a Wakamatsu Farm - The Native American flute is considered an important instrument in many Native American cultures. It is often seen as a spiritual instrument that has the power to connect people with the natural world and the spirits. For many tribes, the flute is considered a symbol

Brickyard Cornhold Tournaments

El Dorado Hills Town Center CA

1p-4p *El Dorado Hills Town Center Steven Young Amphitheater. Hosted and managed by Brickyard Counter and Bar. These tournaments have become a local favorite. Come out and enjoy Town Center’s unique waterfront setting. Fun for the whole family. For more information, visit our calendar at